Cheap Flights

We often travel for free. Well, nearly free. There are always taxes to pay. But in exchange for an expensive air ticket, tax is a pittance. Last year we flew First Class from Australia to Hong Kong to Beijing and home to San Francisco on the world’s top airlines: Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and American. We priced out every leg separately and paying for that ticket would have been a whopping $20,000. Yet we traveled like royalty and didn’t pay a penny. (Come to think of it, that’s what royalty does too.) If you don’t believe it, I don’t blame you. We were doubters too. Then we tried it ourselves and saw it was entirely possible.

How To Fly For Free

So how do we do it? It’s pretty simple really. We do it through credit card offers. In a nutshell, here’s what we do. We try a new credit card when a great offer comes around, which usually means they are offering us 40,000 miles or more for trying their card. These cards usually have a required amount you must put on the card in a limited amount of time so we look for those where the spending is within our means. Then we pay for our groceries, gas and sundry with the card until we have met the obligation. We never charge more than we can pay off in a month so we don’t incur late fees or finance charges. The miles go into our frequent flyer account. Once we meet the obligation we might put the card away for awhile and try another. Using this strategy we earned 500,000 miles in 2 years. Those miles paid for our flights. Simple as that. If you want to try it yourself, these resources show you exactly how to do it:

Both of these resources have very comprehensive FAQs to answer all the questions you will have.

Where to Find Incredible Flight Deals

Sometimes it’s not practical to use miles to fly. Sometimes it’s actually a better investment to pay for a flight at a super low fare to bank extra frequent flyer miles. And there are sometimes deals offered at such an amazing price, or even at a mistake fare, they are too good to be true. But for a lucky few who snag them – they are. A trusted Nomad told us his secret for those amazing deals a while ago: The Flight Deal Daily Newsletter. He has purchased from this site and sent us photographs from his trips to Brazil and Machu Picchu, so we know it is completely legit.

Other Helpful Resources

Once you have built your miles bank, you may need a guru to book complex itineraries for you. Booking with miles is fairly simple for domestic flights but it gets incredibly hard if you are going to exotic places and require several airlines to get you there. If help is needed, I have just the man for you. He charges a small fee but always books us on amazing itineraries to see more of the world. (And the customer service is simply wonderful.  I am a completely smitten customer.)

Reading advice from other frequent travelers who have been using this strategy always teaches me something new. My favorite resource for that is: