We are docked in Cobh, Ireland, on a cold and rainy Saturday. This is the final port Titanic visited and last night ensured we didn’t forget her final voyage. Gale force winds and rough swells threw  Legend of the Seas from side to side. Chairs toppled in the dining room as the band played on with the sound of shattering glass behind a Latin beat. Outside the window, we saw the lights of smaller boats as they were tossed on 20 ft. seas like bath toys. I am so grateful for both our competent captain and semi-dry land today.

Cobh is an historic and hospitable town of great charm not far from the better known town of Cork. We feel a considerable warmth from our Irish hosts even though our time here is short.

The spirit of Ireland is alive and well at Kelly's Pub in Cobh.

The spirit of Ireland is alive and well at Kelly’s Pub in Cobh.

Kelly's Pub in Cobh, Ireland

Kelly’s Pub in Cobh, Ireland








We’ve found the spirit of Ireland just a few steps away from the ship at Kelly’s pub where the talented vocalist doubles as a stand up comic. Oh Danny Boy how we shed tears to the musician’s somber ballads and then found ourselves belly-laughing his sudden hilarious barbs and jokes.

Blarney Castle is nearby but there wasn’t time to see it this stop; we’ll return to kiss the Blarney Stone some time in July.

Next stop: Le Havre, France.