Pet-sitting In Our Home

Your pet is a welcome guest in our Hopkins, Minnesota home. We’ll provide plenty of love, play, comfort and exercise. You’ll return to a calm, content pet with a wagging tail happy to see you.

Around-the-clock Care

We work as a team to provide your beloved pet with the company of a loving human nearby at all times to alleviate any stress or worry.

Calm & Happy Pets

Our goal is to keep your pets calm by maintaining the same routines. We’ll stick to your feeding, play and walking schedules. Any required medications are also reliably administered.

Safety & Security

We will keep you pet safe. For this reason we do not provide play in unfamiliar dog-parks, but if your pet enjoys time in a nearby doggie day care we will happily bring them over for supervised play there.

Welcome Home

You’ll return to a calm, happy pet with a wagging tail ready to tell you all about the good time they had as a guest in our home.

Price List

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