Our Story
Then Until Now
Hi, nice to meet you.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Peter and Tracy here, AKA the McNomads.

We came up with a crazy idea in late 2013 while binge watching House Hunters International. Could we travel for less than it cost us to sit at home watching TV shows about people who travel?

When we met with our financial planner, Dan, and told him about our dream to travel for less than our sit-at-home cost of $170 a day, he said it couldn’t be done.

We decided to try it anyway. Dan shook his head, scribbled his mobile number across the back of his card, and told us to call when we got into trouble or ran out of money.

Our journey began in April 2014 on a transatlantic cruise bound for Europe. Over the next 15 months we journeyed on planes, ships, boats, cars, trains, rickshaws, tuktuks, busses, Ubers, taxis, bicycles, and afoot. We slept in budget hotels, AirBnB rooms, rented houses, friend’s sofas, train cars, overnight busses, and the occasional splurge in a B&B or luxury resort. We discovered new ways to experience life by working on an elephant sanctuaries and through housesitting gigs.

By May of 2015 we’d made it around the world on a journey that started in Europe, through the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific islands before returning home, tired and happy, to California.

We triumphantly presented Dan with our budget spreadsheet for a final accounting. Disbelieving, he double checked our figures. We’d done it! Our final cost to travel around the world was done on $132 a day! More than that, we’d lived out our wildest dreams while spending $13,870 less than it cost to stay at home.

That year was a game-changer. We felt reborn. No longer would we have to live a life on a chain.

You might be wondering WHY we are telling you all of this? The short answer is that we hope to inspire you. We want you to feel the joy of living a dream within your means and in your own way. You too may long to travel. Or, maybe you want to buy a taco truck. Or, open a bait shop. Whatever your thing is, we hope to inspire you to achieve the dream that lives within you.

Join us on the journey. We’ll document our ups and downs, share a few laughs, and try to inspire your dreams too.

Peter & Tracy

How We Met

We met at a Spanish immersion school in Mexico where we sat at adjacent desks, shared pencils, compiled study notes and tried to avoid our teacher Soccoro’s eye.

It wasn’t until a wild fireworks exhibition in San Miguel when I hid behind Peter to keep my hair from catching fire that I noticed any sparks. As the smoke settled around us, his comment, “I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!” set my heart aflame.

We’ve been best friends and, a short while later, married best mates ever since.

Happily Ever Onward

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