On April 7, 2014, we set off to see if it would be possible to travel around the world on a pension. And not just to go, but to have all the fun we wanted to have along the way. One year to the goal and I am now able to say we did it.

In the past year we attended Royal Ascot and the Irish derby, sailed on a Royal Caribbean ship across the Atlantic, explored the Cognac region in France, saw plays in London’s West End, played with elephants in Thailand, toured in Asia, explored Tasmania and spent NYE under exploding fireworks in Melbourne, drank in the beauty of rural Sweden and the Norwegian fjords, and witnessed a thousand other marvels.

More than that, we met extraordinary people and made some amazing new friends. I’m getting teary-eyed thinking about the kindness, generosity, beauty and love we found everywhere we landed. Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, atheist, Hindu, or undeclared… mankind is a colorful tapestry and it is indeed still a beautiful world.

So on this 365th day we write to inspire you. We have achieved the goal: one year traveling on just our pension and not a penny more used out of savings. It can be done. (Allow me to share one more inspiring detail-we spent about $13,000 less this traveling year than we shelled out to veg on the couch in front of the TV the year before that. Who knew?)

We have just two more weeks until we return to California and the next life challenge. Once we get back we will share more detail about what we learned about “budget luxury” travel this year and also reveal more specifics about the costs to travel to particular locations.

Who knows what big hairy project will emerge next. Walk the Camino de Santiago? Find the fountain of youth? Buy a B&B somewhere? Move to France? Sell it all and motorhome around N. America? Every night it is a different debate. We will keep up the blog page and hope you will stay with us for the next installment.

It has been a great experiment. Thank you all for sharing and supporting the endeavor. Having you along made it so much more fun.

Love you guys!

Peter & Tracy, the McNomads