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Our Background and Experience
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Our Housesitting Story

Peter and I were born to be nomads. Our feet get itchy when we’re stuck in one place too long. Always have since we were kids. With a love for people, nature, and all creatures great and small, we never tire of new people, new places, new experiences and discoveries.

Peter’s retirement from the hospital provided the opportunity to travel more and housesitting is something we enjoy incorporating into our intermittent adventures. It’s just SO much more fun than staying in hotels with tourists who are much like ourselves.Through housesitting, we make new friends and discover places we’d never have found on our own. We enjoy living like locals; experiencing ordinary life in a different country or neighborhood. Add in a meow, a wagging tail, or a whinny to greet you in the morning—that’s something that cannot be found at a hotel.

We both love animals. Peter grew up on a farm and I am a lifelong horsewoman; between us we’ve cared for dogs, cats, horses, birds, sheep, cows, and chickens. Having had pets all our lives, we can relate to concerns about leaving fur family members behind to travel. We see our primary housesitting job as helping both pets and their families feel carefree and content until they are reunited. It’s a gratifying feeling at homecoming. We have found it easy to love each of the pets we’ve cared for along this journey — 63 pets so far with more in our future.

When not traveling elsewhere enjoy our home in Minnesota. We like gardening, cooking, decorating, reading, attending fairs and concerts and entertaining family and friends. That’s great from May through October. But we quickly go nomadic when temperatures drop below freezing.

Seeing the happy smiles of returning homeowners and parting as friends has been a terrific bonus to our travels. We’ve already made it once around the world through housesits across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Perhaps one day we can count housesitting for you among our treasured travel experiences. Let us know how we can help you.

Wishing You Safe and Happy Travels!

Peter & Tracy

Our Core Beliefs

We bring an ethos of responsibility and caring to housesitting. Our belief is that only by putting you and your pets’ needs first will our needs be met as well. The payment we receive for our services is the appreciation you express, the satisfaction we feel keeping pets happy when separated from family, and the 5-star review we hope to earn from you that will keep us going.

Why Don’t You Charge a Fee?

When we are traveling we don’t charge for house-sitting. Why? Because housesitting is an exchange of services. We provide care, labor and peace of mind to the homeowner and the pets we care for. Our ‘payment’ is the experience of living and traveling in a genuine neighborhood and comfortable home versus staying amongst sightseers in a hotel. Housesitting works best when two mutually generous and caring parties freely agree help each other. This is so much better than a fee-for-hire transaction, don’t you agree?

But housesitting really is not free. Between airfares, transportation, meals, insurance, etc., it typically costs us at least $1,000 in travel expense to housesit for you. Therefore, it is important that our living-style and giving-style matches your own so that each party feels they made a fair bargain and are not disappointed in the sort of experience each receives.

Our Housesitting Style

One of the most important aspects in which we seek a good match in living-style is in our standards of cleanliness and housekeeping. Some homeowners are the clean and tidy type. Others are relaxed and laid back about housekeeping. Years of experience has taught us that there’s nothing worse for a tidy homeowner than returning to a home that is not cleaned to the standard they left it. Other laid back homeowners we’ve met couldn’t care less about housekeeping and take issue with seeing that someone cleaned up an area they would prefer to have been left as it was.

Neither housekeeping style is ‘right’ – it is simply a matter of making sure we are aligned.

Our preferred style is a clean and tidy home. We aren’t obsessive and compulsive about cleaning, but we are the sort of people who make our bed each day. (Yes, even in a hotel room but maybe not as perfectly as the housekeeping service would do.) When we have guests visit our home, we will spend several hours cleaning to make sure our kitchen, bath, floors, and fixtures are sparkly and clean. That’s just the way we were raised. When we housesit, we use the same approach…we spend several hours cleaning up after ourselves so that the houses we look after are as beautiful and clean as the day that we arrived to sit for you.

Our Promise to You

We will look after your property and pets with high standards. We will keep your home clean, sound and maintained in the same condition we found it. We will respect your privacy and possessions. We don’t go in areas that are off limits and don’t look at your private items. If you have pets, we will give them the attention, love and care they need to feel calm, content, and safe until you return.

We put our promise in place because it reflects what we hope you would do if you were housesitting for us.

Registered & Vetted

We’re registered with TrustedHousesitters since 2014 and have advanced level verification which includes completed criminal background checks. Our profile and references can be verified by homeowners who have a membership. If you’d like a membership to become a registered home-owner or house-sitter, use this link for a 25% discount at no extra cost to you:

Our Background + Experience

We draw upon our housesitting and life experience to manage each new assignment.

Peter was raised on a farm in Victoria, Australia, where he was taught responsibility and resourcefulness from an early age. Care of living things has always been a way of life: horses, sheep, cattle, and working dogs lived on the farm as did a menagerie of pet dogs, cats, and exotic birds. That caregiving extended into Peter’s work life. He recently retired from a long career in healthcare and covered a range of specialties from pediatrics and critical care to oil rig medic, dialysis unit manager, director of staff, and case manager at major hospitals in the US and Australia.

Tracy spent her childhood in both Minnesota and Texas. Her lifelong love for animals started at age 5 with Happy, her basset hound, and extended through 4-H and work with horses from her teens through adulthood. Tracy has been a manager with IBM and other tech companies, director at a Minneapolis-based design firm, the owner of a residential construction company, an ethnographic research firm, and now runs a boutique brand + design agency.

Registered & Vetted

We’re registered with TrustedHousesitters since 2014 and have advanced level verification which includes completed criminal background checks. Our profile and references can be verified by homeowners who have a membership. If you’d like a membership to become a house sitter or home owner we can offer a 25% discount at no extra cost to you. Simply follow this link: