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Housesitting by the McNomads

Housesitting is your Key to Freedom

If you’ve never considered housesitting, you should. Whether you’re a homeowner with pets and responsibilities who longs for a worry-free adventure or you’re someone looking for an affordable and relaxed way to travel and deeply experience new places, housesitting is the solution.

Housesitting 101

Are you wondering how housesitting works? Quite simply, it is a simple barter arrangement. The homeowner and housesitter agree to a fair exchange of services, usually without an exchange of money.

A homeowner who wants to travel gets a responsibile, committed party to look after things while they’re away–at no extra expense.  A housesitter gets a clean, safe and comfortable place to stay in exchange for looking after the home and possibly a pet, pool, garden, lawn, house plants, packages, mail, or other routine chores for absent homeowners. Use of a car is often included, especially if the home is far from public transportation to access needed services.

Homeowners sometimes think they’re giving the best part of the exchange by providing a housesitter with free lodging and transportation…until they consider the cost to have pets boarded, hiring someone to provide upkeep to the home and garden, and the worry in making sure everything goes smoothly in their absence. When they also consider the expense a housesitter incurs to get to their home and time spent caring for pets and home responsibilities, the value of a committed housesitter skyrockets.

Happy Homeowners

10 Reasons to Use Housesitters

    1.  Your pets are much happier at home
    2.  Your pets keep their routines with no stress
    3.  No need to impose on friends or relatives
    4.  Your home and pets are cared for day & night
    5.  Occupied homes scare burglars away
    6.  You return to a clean home & happy pets
    7.  You save money. NO kenneling fees.
    8.  Your mail and packages are collected
    9.  You’ve got someone to call with questions
    10.  You’ll have peace of mind
Happy Homeowners

10 Qualities of A 5-Star Housesitter

    1.  Likes the idea of caring for homes and pets
    2.  Trustworthy with a clean police record
    3.  Is financially stable and self-sufficient
    4.  Enjoys cleaning tasks and are house proud
    5.  Dependable with a 5-star record for service
    6.  Respects others homes and privacy
    7.  Is a careful, tidy, quiet, responsible adult
    8.  Prefers to travel at a slower pace
    9.  Knows how to care for animals and homes
    10.  Is patient with sick or older pets and people

What does it cost?

We don’t usually harge for housesitting. Housesitting at its best is a barter agreement for a fair exchange of services.

Housesitters provide service and peace of mind by caring for a home, garden, and pets or animals. Homeowners provide  clean, safe, comfortable accommodation and, oftentimes, a means of local transportation.

We believe that housesitting works best when two mutually caring parties freely agree help each other. This is so much better than a fee-for-hire transaction, don’t you agree?

You may be surprised to discover the complete truth.

Our Qualifications

We bring an ethos of responsibility and caring to housesitting. Our belief is that only by putting you and your pets’ needs first will our needs be met as well. The payment we receive for our services is the appreciation you express, the satisfaction we feel keeping pets happy when separated from family, and the 5-star review we hope to earn from you that will keep us going. 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

Your Home & Pets Wellbeing is Our Top Priority

Vetted by International Law Enforcement Agencies

Solid Track Record of Happy Hosts and Pets

We Are Careful, Tidy, Quiet, & Mature Adults

40+ Years Medical Training & Experience

Our Background

Our housesitting and life experience helps us manage each new assignment.

Peter learned responsibility and resourcefulness on the farm where he grew up in Victoria, Australia.  Horses, sheep, cattle, and working dogs lived on the farm alongside a menagerie of pet dogs, cats, ponies and exotic birds. The caregiving he learned on the farm extended into his career. Peter recently retired from a 40+ year healthcare career spanning a range of specialties from pediatrics and obstetrics to critical care. He gained experience in roles ranging from oil rig medic in the Tasman Sea, to pediatric RN, dialysis unit manager, hospital director of staff, and patient case manager at major hospitals in both the US and Australia.

Tracy is an American who spent her childhood years between Minnesota and Texas. Her lifelong love for animals began with Happy the basset hound and her bucking nursery rocking horse. From there she grew through 4- H equine education, showing and trail riding – a passion that continuted long into adulthood. Professionally Tracy has been a manager with IBM and other tech companies, director at a Minneapolis-based design firm, and the co-owner of a residential construction company. She is now retired and delighted to pursue additional lifelong interests in art and travel.

Our Promise

Our Core Belief

We will look after your property and pets with high standards. We will keep your home clean, sound and maintained in the same condition we found it. We will respect your privacy and possessions. We don’t go in areas that are off limits and don’t look at your private items. If you have pets, we will give them the attention, love and care they need to feel calm, content, and safe until you return.

We put our promise in place because it reflects what we hope you would do if you were housesitting for us.

We bring an ethos of responsibility and caring to housesitting. Our belief is that only by putting you and your pets’ needs first will our needs be met as well. We choose to house- and petsit for free. Any  appreciation you express, the satisfaction we feel keeping pets happy when separated from family, and the 5-star review we hope to earn from you to keep us going is all we hope to receive in return.

We believe that when kind, well meaning people mutually agree to help each other, there are no limits to the abundance we all receive.

Our Key Experience Numbers

Years Of Experience

Completed Sits

Happy Animals

Average Rating

A few words from happy homeowners

Stephen & Gabe, the cat

Peter and Tracy were so kind to housesit for us while we were on our honeymoon. We returned to a dazzlingly clean home and a very happy kitty! I would happily recommend them to any other family looking for wonderful companions for their furry family members while they are away!! Thanks again you two 🙂

Susan & Ron

Peter & Tracy were truly extraordinary housesitters. The house was impeccable when we returned, the garden/landscaping all well watered & thriving, the chickens and most importantly, our beloved black lab, obviously received the attention on which she also thrives. 

We consider Peter & Tracy to be not just remarkable housesitters, but new friends and kindred spirits.

Deb & the Dogs

Peter & Tracy are the most kind, competent & committed housesitters that you could ever wish for. My pets were treated royally, as was my home. Their combined experience shone through with everything being perfect on my return. They are lovely & have a calm & quiet manner, which all of my family, especially my four-legged gang, appreciated. They are implicitly trustworthy & I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Peter & Tracy, aka The McNomads

Home base: Minnesota, USA

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