It is unbelievable but absolutely true. Peter and I flew in First Class from Paris to Australia on the world’s top airlines and paid just $582.00. Those same tickets would cost $14,687.00 if purchased outright. That is a savings of $14,105. And this wasn’t a freak mistake fare. We did the same thing last year, traveling First Class from Australia to Beijing and back to San Francisco for just $395 on tickets that were selling on Expedia for over $10,000.

You can do it too. There is no real trick involved. It just takes planning, a little time, and discipline. We do it by using air miles. We earn the miles through credit card offers with a mileage bonus. The discipline is in spending; if we rack up a lot of debt, interest charges, and fees getting the miles any advantage is lost. So rather than accumulate debt on the card, we put our bills and living expenses on it (gas, food, groceries) and pay the credit card company off at the end of the month. Simple as that.

The second part of the strategy is in using the miles. It’s not usually a great deal to use them for short flights within the US. If you look at each mile as having a monetary value, then you’ll quickly see that there are low budget fares which would give you more value if you paid for them and racked up the miles instead. Where we find the super value is in long haul international flights, and especially if we can upgrade to first class service.

I never knew how great life could be until we flew First Class. You really are treated like royalty up there. The food is incredible. The service is too. There is nothing better than to fall asleep in a comfortable airborne bed and awaken refreshed in a new time zone. Knowing I was doing it for less than the cost of the economy class torture chamber put a smile on my face all the way to Tokyo.

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