What’s the Catch?                         It Can’t be FREE

We Housesit for FREE

When we are traveling we don’t charge for housesitting. Why? Because housesitting at its best is an exchange of services. We provide care, labor and peace of mind to the homeowner. Homeowners provide us with a clean, safe, secure place to sleep and rest in their home.

But in reality, housesitting is not free for us. We will spend money on airfares or fuel, meals, insurance, and various other costs just to get to a housesit and fund our own expenses once we arrive. We budget an expense of at least $1,000 for that.

Any cost to a homeowner will be far less. Expect to pay the typical utility costs while housesitters stay in your home. One would also expect to pay for the pet’s expenses and food while others are caring for them.

We still feel this is a good bargain for us. A comfortable home stay, the satisfaction we feel knowing pets are happy when separated from family, and the 5-star review we hope to earn to help us secure our next housesitting experience is compensation enough.

Housesitting works best when two mutually caring parties freely agree help each other. This is so much better than a fee-for-hire transaction, don’t you agree?

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Housesitting

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

  • Your pets are much happier at home
  • Your pets keep their routines with no stress
  • No need to impose on friends or relatives
  • Your home and pets are cared for day & night
  • An occupied house keeps burglars away
  • You return to a clean home and happy pets
  • You save money. No kenneling fees.
  • Your mail and packages are collected
  • You’ve got someone to call with questions
  • You’ll have peace of mind
  • Your home & pet’s wellbeing is our top priority
  • We’re fully vetted by international law enforcement
  • We maintain pets’ feeding & exercise routines
  • We give your home and pets our undivided attention
  • We have a solid track record of happy hosts and pets
  • We respect for your home and privacy
  • We are careful, tidy, quiet, and responsible adults
  • A slower pace of living means we will be home more
  • We love animals and know how to care for them
  • We offer patient, skilled care for sick or older pets