Meet the McNomads

Peter and Tracy met in Mexico while studying Spanish and have been The McNomads ever since.

Born in rural Australia, Peter emmigrated to the U.S. to fill a need for pediatric specialists.

Tracy is Minnesota born, Texas-raised, and worked in the travel industry for two decades. 

Now retired from medical and corporate careers, they’ve had sits across the U.S. and U.K., Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico caring for dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, chickens, guinea pigs, birds, and a housetrained pig, Maple Bacon. What’s next?

Our Beliefs

We bring an ethos of responsibility and caring to housesitting. We believe that by putting you and your pets’ needs first, our needs will be met as well.

Knowing we are keeping pets happy when separated from family makes us feel happy.

Our goal is to minimize stress for pets (and people) by allowing them to stay in familiar surroundings and maintain their usual routines. 

We work hard to earn the glowing reviews you see here because we truly care.

Our Experience

We rely on our life experience to manage assignments.

Peter was raised on a farm in Australia where he cared for sheep, cattle, pigs, and the many dogs on the farm. A lifelong career in medicine is another useful experience Peter brings to every assignment.

Tracy also has a lifetime of experience with dogs and horses. She co-owned a residential construction company, held corporate management positions and now runs a boutique design agency.

Our Credentials

We’ve been registered with TrustedHousesitters since 2014 and have their advanced level verification requiring criminal background checks by the FBI.

We’ve also completed training by the Housesitting Academy.

Our references can be verified with past clients directly or through our personal TrustedHousesitters page if you have a membership.

(If you’d like to join TrustedHousesitters, here’s a link to receive a 20% discount.) 

Our Promise

We will look after your property and pets with love, attention, and high standards.

We will keep your home clean, sound and maintained in the same condition we found it.

We will respect your privacy and possessions at all times.

We put our promise in place because it’s what we hope you would do if you were housesitting for us.

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