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Hi, nice to meet you. Peter and Tracy here. We are the McNomads. 

A crazy idea emerged in late 2013 while we were binge-watching House Hunters International. Could we travel for less than it cost us to sit at home watching TV shows about people who travel?

When we met with our financial planner, Dan, and told him about our dream to travel for less than our sit-at-home cost of $170 a day, he said it couldn’t be done. We decided to try anyway. Dan shook his head, scribbled his mobile number across the back of his card, and told us to call when we got into trouble or ran out of money.

Our live travel experiment began in April 2014 on a transatlantic cruise bound for Europe. Over the next 15 months we journeyed on planes, ships, boats, cars, trains, rickshaws, tuktuks, busses, Ubers, taxis, bicycles, and afoot. We slept in budget hotels, AirBnB rooms, rented houses, friends’ guestrooms, train cars, overnight busses, and the occasional splurge in a B&B or luxury resort. We discovered new ways to experience life by working on an elephant sanctuaries and through housesitting gigs.

By May of 2015 we’d made it around the world on a journey throughout Europe, to Southeast Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific islands before returning home, tired and happy, to California.

We triumphantly presented Dan with our budget spreadsheet for a final accounting. Disbelieving, he double checked our figures. We’d done it! Our final cost to travel around the world was done on $132 a day! More than that, we’d lived out our wildest dreams while spending $13,870 less than it cost to stay at home.

That year was a game-changer. We felt reborn. No longer would we have to live life on a chain.

You might be wondering WHY we are telling you all of this? The short answer is that we hope to inspire you. We want you to feel the joy of living a dream within your means and in your own way. You too may long to travel. Or, maybe you want to buy a taco truck. Or, open a bait shop. Whatever your thing is, we hope to inspire you to achieve the dream that lives within you.

Join us on the journey. We’ll document our ups and downs, share a few laughs, and try to inspire your dreams too. 

Peter & Tracy

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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Stories from the road…

One Year Traveling On A Pension

One Year Traveling On A Pension

On April 7, 2014, we set off to see if it would be possible to travel around the world on a pension. And not just to go, but to have all the fun we wanted to have along the way. One year to the goal and I am now able to say we did it. In the past year we attended...

Bangkok Wedding Party Crashers

Bangkok Wedding Party Crashers

Did you ever find yourself swept up into a stranger's wedding party? It happened to us this morning in Bangkok. I cracked open the bedroom door at our B&B to investigate a commotion outside. Just outside the door was a roomful of elegantly dressed people...

How to get a haircut in a foreign land

How to get a haircut in a foreign land

If you go traveling for a year, sooner or later you will need to get a haircut in a foreign land. We scour the local language dictionary but words to convey hair styling preferences never seem to make the cut. Nowhere was this more...

Housesitting by the McNomads

On a layover in Copenhagen we met the globetrotting duo Tom and Kris, authors of the popular blog Travel Past Fifty.  They convinced us to look into housesitting as part of our travel strategy and we are so grateful we did. Housesitting led us to some of our most memorable, wonderful travel experiences and new friends across the globe.

Thanks to that tip from Tom and Kris, we’ve been housesitting around the world since 2014 and have built a solid reputation for trustworthiness and care. Follow this link to our official Trusted Housesitters page and read first-hand reviews by happy homeowners  or find our CV on the link below.

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Always have something to look forward to.  It’ll keep you motivated.

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Grand Marais, Minnesota


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We are easing into retirement by living life off the chain. Follow our live experiment as we try new travel hacks & ideas to explore the world on less than it costs to stay at home watching TV.

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