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Why Stay Home if you can Roam?

Hi! Peter and Tracy here. Nice to meet you.

In 2013 we decided to become test subjects in a live travel experiment to determine if it’s possible to travel for less than it costs to stay at home watching television shows about other people who travel.

Dan, our financial planner, insisted it should not be done. He wrote his mobile number on the back of his card and insisted we put emergency funds aside that he could access to bail us out of our own foolhardy plan.

With a budget based on our average stay-at-home cost of living—$170 a day—we handed our condo keys to renters on April 1, 2014, and departed with a backpack and rolling suitcase to see how far our money could take us.

For the next 15 months we sailed on cruise ships. Rented rooms on AirBnB or budget hotels. Explored House-sitting. Tried home exchange clubs. Traveled on trains, walked, biked, and Übered our way around the world.

Upon our return to California Dan was astounded to discover we’d spent just $132 a day. He doubled checked our figures but Excel spreadsheets don’t lie. We learned it’s possible to see the world in real-time for less than it costs to watch life go by on a TV screen.

That was the beginning of a life off the chain. We adopted a new credo—Why Stay Home if you can Roam?

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Favorite Travel Stories

One Year Traveling On A Pension

One Year Traveling On A Pension

On April 7, 2014, we set off to see if it would be possible to travel around the world on a pension. And not just to go, but to have all the fun we wanted to have along the way. One year to the goal and I am now able to say we did...

Bangkok Wedding Party Crashers

Bangkok Wedding Party Crashers

Did you ever find yourself swept up into a stranger's wedding party? It happened to us this morning in Bangkok. I cracked open the bedroom door at our B&B to investigate a commotion outside. Just outside the door was a roomful of elegantly dressed people...

How to get a haircut in a foreign land

How to get a haircut in a foreign land

If you go traveling for a year, sooner or later you will need to get a haircut in a foreign land. We scour the local language dictionary but words to convey hair styling preferences never seem to make the cut. Nowhere was this more evident than in England. We...

Our House Sitting Promise

We will look after your interests with high standards. We will keep your home clean, sound and maintained in the same condition we found it. We will respect your privacy and possessions. If you have pets, we will give them the attention, love and care they need to feel calm, content, and safe until you return.

We put our promise in place because it reflects what we hope you would do if you were housesitting for us. It is based on trust, kindness, care and responsibility. 

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